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Anger and Fear cause 'System 1' thinking

We regulate these emotions with the help of technology and a training method developed and tested in the Israeli pressure pot.

We have more than ten years of experience and a variety of clients that represent how flexible and essential the tools we teach are.


Individual students or a government organization,

Our customers trust us

Confident Woman

Yael A.
Municipal social worker


My only complaint? the workshop was way too short.

I would be very happy for a follow-up workshop both for additional practice and to expand the emotional regulation toolbox in stressful situations. In conclusion: - A workshop that gives important tools for life - Very enjoyable - Gives practical tools - Good simulations - Thank you to the Ministry of Welfare for funding the workshop and catering.

Doctor Lilac Ben
The Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority

The Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority is a government organization that takes care of prisoners after their release from prison.

The treatment and rehabilitation of the released prisoners includes responsibility for a wide spectrum of issues related to their lives both on a technical level and on a mental level. ​ Yossi, from Detant, was attentive to the needs and uniqueness of our work and showed great professionalism while being flexible and fluid with the complexity of the needs of the care teams. There is no doubt that this is important content that was delivered in a professional and accessible manner. The Detant workshop saw us as people dealing with complex emotional situations as well as within our work, and gave an orderly method for correct coping.

Image by Irene Strong

I. security guard
Israeli IRS

Sharing a little story with you, half an hour ago a nervous and angry customer arrived.

We noticed, from the moment he got out of the elevator, the guy couldn't make an appointment, he started talking badly about the place and the security guard, I immediately remembered the workshop we went through, I got to the guy. I introduced myself and asked him directly what his name was? After that I explained to him: "We want to help you, but in this way it is impossible to help." "Please let me help you," I told him. In short, I directly explained to him the consequences that if he continues to talk in this way, instead of helping, it will hinder. Of course I explained to him clearly and assertively. After a few seconds the guy just calmed down and received service and more than that asked for forgiveness and realized that it was due to his anger. Really, the workshop did us a lot of good, I must say.

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