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The Detant System has been proven as an unparalleled conflict managment tool in the caustic Israeli environment.  

Action Mindfulness has measurable physical parameters. We monitor heart rate, skin temperature, voice and posture in the workshops to produce significant changes.

More than 2600 Social workers, 1500 infantry Commanders and hundreds of Medical personnel, HAZMAT teams, high-school students learned with us. They gained quantifiable tools to manage stress, anger and use system 2 thinking in conflict and emergency situations. 

You can do the same.

yossi sheriff profile.png

Yossi Sheriff


AKBAN - Israel, Greece, Germany, France, Canada

The program for guiding men's circles - Tel Aviv University

Certified Physiotherapist - Tel Aviv University

Philosophy - Tel Aviv University

Feldenkrais Method Teachers - Feldenkrais Institute, Tel Aviv

Senior Martial Arts Instructor - Wingate Institute

hagai profile .png

Professor Hagai Bergman


Doctor of Medicine - Technion

Doctor of Science - Technion

Professor of Physiology and Brain Research at the Edmond and Lily Safra Center (ELSC) for Brain Research and the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Published: The Hidden Life of the Basal Ganglia: At the Base of Brain and Mind - MIT Press

‎⁨מיכאל קרן תמונה michael keren june 2022 black and white ⁩_edited.jpg

Michael Keren

VP of Training

The program for guiding men's circles - Tel Aviv University

Feldenkrais Method Teachers - Wingate institute

Body-mind therapist - Hotam College

Group facilitation (gender, sexuality, masculinity) - Haifa


Veteran combat service commander

Married and a father of three

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