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Discipline is freedom

Even a short practice helps.

The opposite of complacency only sometimes is anxiety, the opposite of complacency is discipline. Such discipline is an inner freedom to do what we want. The result of discipline is freedom in many aspects.

Such discipline begins with daily practice. Mastery is not a given, it always relies on practice. There is no emotional regulation in difficult moments without having practiced before. And what kind of physical exercise relates to emotion regulation? We want to learn something that when we have a crux with nothing to do, when we are stuck, without the possibility to run, without a role or task, we need a practice that connects: thoughts, feelings and body. Only such practice will work in an emergency, integrated practice. If we managed to regulate ourselves in an emergency, we also did it with integrated practice. The integration can be subtle. A professional poker player has integrated many physical and emotional aspects when practicing his profession.

An example

During a missile attack (this is Israel after all) we all reach a protected area and we find ourselves immobile but with crazy energies, we have no way to get them out. There is nothing to do either. It's not that we can sit and start doing things, most people in a bomb shelter, or in an active shooter scenario, just sit, stuck, usually with people who feel emotionally unbalanced. It will affect us and we must learn how to regulate ourselves, to be sharp-minded, balanced, but calm in this situation.

The following Detant protocol focuses on the connection of breathing, thinking and physical movement. In the video we show an example of integrating three techniques: the first accelerates the removal of adrenaline from the body, the second combines listening, breathing and movement and the third enables advanced heart rate control.

This is the exact protocol we have been teaching thousands of Israelis in border zones.

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