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Trigger warning for Israelis

There is no hard-to-watch text, image or video in this short post. It is important to make sure that they are non. Understanding 'trigger' is very important to us, especially in managing a conflict in the country we work at, Israel.

A trigger warning is a statement at the beginning of a lecture, article, film, etc., that prepares people that they may find the content upsetting, shocking, difficult to watch or listen to, especially if they have experienced something similar:

The trigger, the content that is hard to watch or upsetting, can conjure up experiences that actually happened to the person and also create new difficult experiences.

There are different types of triggers that we classify according to the main emotion they evoke. The trigger I will focus on is that content that provokes anger and resistance. Sometimes we will explain this trigger by saying that it actually produces the 'fight, run, freeze' reaction (3F).